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Hollow Bike Seat with Insulation & Memory Foam

Hollow Bike Seat with Insulation & Memory Foam

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This bike seat is perfect for anyone who wants to take their cycling experience to the next level. Its hollow design ensures that your bottom stays dry and comfortable while you ride. The heat-insulating and non-slip PU material are perfect for all weather conditions, and the memory foam provides a comfortable and secure ride. So whether you're looking to take your cycling to the next level or make your everyday commute a little more relaxed, this bike seat is a perfect choice.


  • Hollow design allows for increased airflow and comfort
  • Heat insulating and non-slip for all weather conditions
  • Memory foam provides a secure and comfortable ride

Product information:

Type: Bicycle saddle
Applicable models: mountain or road bikes
Colour: Black
Design details: hollow memory foam
Style: small/medium/big
Weight: 335g/660g/780g
Size: 28cm*15cm/26cm*18.5cm/27cm*20.5cm
Material: All use heat insulating and non-slip PU
Filler: All use memory foam

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