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Waterproof LED Rechargeable Bike Tail Light Accessory

Waterproof LED Rechargeable Bike Tail Light Accessory

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Creative taillights, safe night travel
Long-lasting battery life, sufficient power
Small and light, carry it with you
Unique shape, distinctive
Easy to disassemble, disassemble at any time

Color A: MSLD streamlined taillights/Aries, B: MSLD streamlined taillights/Taurus, C: MSLD streamlined taillights/Gemini, D: MSLD streamlined taillights/Scorpio, E: MSLD streamlined taillights/Virgo, F: MSLD streamlined taillights/Cancer, G: MSLD streamlined taillights/Capricorn, H: MSLD streamlined taillights/Sagittarius, I: MSLD streamlined taillights/Leo, J: MSLD streamlined taillights/Pisces, K: MSLD streamlined taillights/Aquarius, L: MSLD streamlined taillights/Libra
Single weight: 56 grams
Single item size: 7*7*6.5
Battery: Rechargeable polymer lithium battery
Shell material: PC engineering plastics

Package Content:
1x Taillight

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